Debra Beardsley

Production and Event Manager

Welcome to my online portfolio! Below you will find a glimpse into the professional and creative work that makes me, well, me! If you'd like to contact me, please email me! You can view and download my full resume on my LinkedIn account
“We've done several escape rooms before, but this one had a fun storyline that KEPT you in the story. Other rooms, you are solving puzzles and lose the excitement of the storyline. By having cast members guide you through the story, it had no dead spots.”
5 Stars - Facebook Review 9/27/15

Professional Skills

As an entrepreneur and production manager, I am a woman of many skills with an attitude that says "let's get it done!" I am tenacious in problem solving and excel at bringing a team together to a common goal. I aim to nurture my teams and foster their successes and have been rewarded with loyalty and positivity.
  • Soft Skills (the most valuable!)
    -Strong leader
    -Effective communicator
    -Excel in crisis management
    -Scrutinizing eye for detail
    -Great adaptability

  • Office/Computer Skills
    -Microsoft Office, Quickbooks
    -Mac and Windows OS
    -Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Audacity
    -Social Media Management (Ad Generation and testing): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

  • Stagecraft Skills
    -Electric Circuiting and Programming
    -Costume Repair
    -Scenic Painting
    -Prop Construction

Professional Management

Event and Facility Assistance

Facility upkeep, talent management, crowd control, event setup and strike

Production Asst

Event Operations

Facility Operations

Event Assistance

  • Debra has the ability to adapt to a totally foreign environment. She does well with public speaking and can relate very well with people.
    Elizabeth A. Taylor, Director of Fab Follies 
  • She is a very intelligent and likeable person, whose ability to work collaboratively, to organize and communicate is highly developed. Her work habits are impeccable.
    Dr. Ken McCoy, Department Chair Stetson University
  • Customer focus is excellent!
    Jason Tart, Entertainment Manager Seaworld Orlando

Etsy Business and Other Customer Service Experience

With my roots in the hospitality capital of the world (Orlando), I felt natural having customer service oriented jobs my secondary sources of income. When not working customer service in various retail outlets, I also developed an Etsy store (I like to keep busy...) where I created geek-inspired pixel art out of fuseable beads. While these were merely stepping stones to finding my true path, I believe they were building blocks to developing my creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Debra Beardsley

Event and Production Manager, Designer, Entrepreneur